Towards the


of OIE Standards

The OIE sets international animal health and welfare Standards based on high-level expertise. With the forthcoming establishment of the Observatory of Standards, the OIE will be able to better support its Members in their implementation at national level.

Global health and the safety of international trade in animals and their products depend on the application of appropriate sanitary measures. Incorporated into the national legislation of countries, OIE international Standards will allow to better coordinate the anticipation of risks and the prevention and control of animal diseases.

Supporting the implementation of the Standards

OIE Standards are adopted by consensus, at the end of a consultative process with the Organisation’s Members. Nevertheless, their implementation can prove problematic for some Members for a variety of reasons: an inadequate national legislative framework, for example, or prioritisation of other issues. When a country fails to apply the Standards, the consequences are both sanitary and economic, since its access to international markets may be restricted by the application of biosecurity measures from its trading partners.

For this reason, the OIE is working to create an increasingly conducive environment for the implementation of its Standards, including within the framework of various partnerships. The OIE also takes part in the initiative coordinated pby the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), alongside 50 other international organisations. By sharing experiences, these institutions are working together towards more effective international regulation to respond to global challenges in the best possible way.

OIE Standards, a pillar of global strategies

The implementation of OIE Standards is an essential pillar for the success of global animal disease control strategies.

The Observatory of OIE Standards will facilitate trade negotiations by creating a shared basis for dialogue with our partners.”

Mrs Gulmira S. Isaeva
Vice Minister of Agriculture in Kazakhstan

Strengthening the implementation of Standards: the OIE Observatory

In an initiative welcomed by G20 Agriculture Ministers in 2018, the establishment of an Observatory will provide a key advantage in optimising our standard-setting work. The pilot phase will begin from 2020. By analysing the way in which Members use the Standards, this mechanism will enable a better understanding of the challenges that they face. The OIE will thus be in a better position to support them, either through support programmes or through its future educational platform. The information collected will be just as valuable in guiding some of the standard-setting work and global strategies proposed by the OIE. Finally, these data will provide a solid basis to build a common language among Members, particularly in the area of international trade.

OIE international Standards: Protecting animals, preserving our future